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  • 0-1 tardies; no truancies
  • Makes the class better because of his/her presence.
  • Consistently shows respect for others, their ideas and their property.
  • Shows good thinking and positive behavior by daily participation.
  • Prepared with required materials and reading books daily
  • Stays on-task during work periods.
  • Talks at appropriate times; is not disruptive.
  • Cooperates well in groups
  • Solves problems independently
  • Rarely tardy – no more than 2 tardies; no truancies.
  • Rarely, if ever, violates school rules.
  • Is regularly on-task in classroom situations, with few exceptions.
  • Participates well in class with politeness.
  • Is cooperative and shows respect for others and their property.
  • Is regularly prepared and usually has necessary supplies.
  • Displays signs of self discipline.
  • Occasional tardies – has 3 tardies; no truancies.
  • Off-task behavior observed on a regular basis.
  • Occasionally shows negative or judgmental attitude towards other students.
  • Behavior, punctuality, effort and dress issues are inconsistent.
  • Forgets necessary supplies.
  • Occasionally talks out of turn.
  • Does not follow directions given the first time.
  • Lacks self-discipline; unable to solve problems independently.
  • Frequently tardy – has 4 or more tardies; and one or more truancies.
  • Rarely prepared for class.
  • Is rude, belligerent or uncooperative with peers and/or staff.
  • Often hinders the progress of the class.