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Attendance Procedures


Si los padres/tutores prefieren español, ALTO y hagan CLIC AQUI.

The attendance hotline number is 760-331-6470. This is a 24/7 number to report your students' all-day absence, late arrival, or early release or complete the CHMS Attendance Form. If you are calling your student out early from school, it is preferred that you call in the morning.  

  • When calling the hotline, please state your student's name with spelling, date, the specific reason for the absence, and your relationship with the student. 

  • As a reminder, your student cannot return to school until you provide a specific reason for their absence. 

  • If you are calling your student out sick, please state the specific symptoms your student has. 

Students must obtain an off-campus pass from the Attendance Office before leaving for appointments. To alleviate classroom disruptions, please send your student to the attendance office to pick up their pass. They can do this before school, during break or at lunch depending on the time of departure. Classroom time is valuable to all students and we appreciate your understanding.

*Please note the Attendance Hotline is a voicemail box that is checked throughout the day. Messages should be left at least 15 minutes before you need your student released. If it is within the 15-minute window, please call the office directly to speak to our front office staff. Passes are sent to your student during the class period for the requested time. For example, if you requested your student be released at 1:30, the pass will be sent to their 5th-period class. 

early pick-up

If you need to pick your student up early, please send in a signed note with your student to bring to the attendance office. We'll give a pass directly to your student.  If you don't send a note with your child, please complete the Attendance Form at CHMS Attendance Form as early in the day as possible and we'll send a pass to your student. 

On the note or in the form, please include your student's name, grade,  the reason for leaving early, the time they will need to be in the front office, the name of the person picking the student up, and whether or not the student will be returning to school that same day. 

When you arrive at school to pick your student up, please come to the attendance desk to sign them out on the Lobby Guard. You will need your driver's license. Only adults (18+) listed on the student's emergency contact list may pick up a student from school.



If your student is late to school, please have your student come into the front office to sign your student in and your student will receive a pass to class. 

Consequences for tardies:

1 unexcused tardy = warning

2 unexcused tardies = warning + parent notification + reflection form

3-4 unexcused tardies = warning + parent notification + detention (½ hour)

5-6 unexcused tardies = warning + parent notification + detention (1 hour)

6+ unexcused tardies = Referral to Assistant Principal +  SART or SARB process

Violations for truancy will result in similar interventions, but will be implemented at a faster rate and may include a review by the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).

health office

In the event a student becomes ill and would like to go home, please follow the procedures below:

  • During passing periods or at lunch, students should go directly to the health office. 

  • During class time, students should report the illness to the teacher and request to be sent to the health office. Students should not be texting or calling home.  

The Health Tech will arrange for parent approval for the student to leave campus and disperse an off campus pass to the student. Students are not allowed to leave campus without an off campus pass, either from the health office due to sickness or the attendance office for appointments.  


TO: The parent or guardian of a juvenile with truancy issues

Operation Intersect is a Truancy Intervention Program designed to assist families whose juveniles have been identified as having issues with their attendance. Learn more about Operation Intersect.


For any attendance questions, please contact:

Larissa Ramos