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Health Office Procedures

  1. It is very important that emergency information is current throughout the year in the event an injury or illness of a serious nature should occur. Therefore, should you move, change phone numbers or alter your name, please notify the school as soon as possible.
  2. When a student is injured or ill, a staff member will contact their parents to make arrangements to be taken home. 
  3. All students must have on file in the school office, current information regarding where parents or a neighbor may be reached in the event of an unexpected illness or injury.
  4. Except for emergencies, students must have a pass to enter the health office.
  5. Students will not be permitted to stay in the health office unless they are waiting to be taken home.
  6. A student may not bring medications to school unless he/she has (a) a completed school form signed by the prescribing doctor that includes specific instructions for administering the medications along with the date the prescription ends, and (b) written permission from the parents. Medication must be in the original container.  Any prescription medication must have the original prescription label on the container.  Arrangements for medication must be made with the health technician.
  7. Students with a diagnosed bee sting allergy should provide the school with one, and preferably two, medically prescribed anti-bee sting kits. (Epi-pens are the recommended kits.)
  8. In order for a student to use crutches at school, it is required that the student present a physician's note indicating the use of crutches and the dates for their usage. This note must be on file in the Health Office. One day usage of crutches while obtaining this note will be permitted.
  9. Elevator usage for non crutch related injuries should be accompanied by a physician's note stating the need for usage and the period the usage is required. This note must be on file in the Health Office.     
  10. For a student to be excused from PE Class, for any period longer than two classes, a physician note is required.  A note from a parent is not sufficient.  This note must be on file in the Health Office.