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General Information

Contacting a Teacher

All classroom related concerns should initially be addressed between the student/teacher and/or parent/teacher.

Contact the main office (760-331-6400) to leave a message on the teacher’s voice mail.

Use School Loop Loopmail to send an emai to the teacher.

Who to Contact

Grading Questions/Concerns Teacher
Absence slip/tardy pass Office
ASB card Guidance Technician
Textbooks/Paying Fines Library
Counselor Office
Emergency Card Information Health Office
Illness/Medical Emergency Health Office
Lost and Found Campus Supervisor
Lunch Application Cafeteria
Problem Solving Help/Conflict Resolution Counselor
Playground Supervision Campus Supervisor
Technical Support     Lab Aide
Off Campus Issues School Resource Officer
All other Principal or Assistant Principal


Parent Messages and Phone Calls

We request your cooperation in limiting classroom interruptions to emergencies only. Because classroom time is valuable, we are trying to minimize disruptions. Lunches, forgotten books and assignments, or other items will not be delivered to students in class. Every time a classroom door is opened, concentration and instruction are interrupted. If your child forgets something, please drop it off in the office.  Your child can check in with office staff to retrieve items during passing periods, brunch and lunch. Our teachers thank you.

School Dances

ASB sponsors school dances to the student body. This is an extension of the school day, and all school rules apply.  Dances are open to all current 6th-8th grade students at Calavera Hills who are in good standing regarding citizenship.

School dances are held in the gymnasium. No student will be permitted entrance to the dance after the start time. We offer backpack storage rooms for all students. There is a snack bar where you may purchase candy, soda, pizza, etc. which may only be eaten outside. No food, gum or drink is allowed in the gymnasium.

PLEASE REMEMBER, this is a school function so all school rules apply. In addition, “moshing” and “closed circle” dancing are not allowed. Once a student chooses to leave the dance he/she will not be allowed to return. School dances are for students currently enrolled in and attending Calavera Hills only.  Students must have an ASB card to enter the dance.

Technology Use Policy

Calavera Hills is developing a curriculum to teach students about the appropriate use of the computer network. Before we give students full Internet access, we will help them practice responsible behaviors. Using the SDCOE’s software application they will be taught to respect the work of others, demonstrate on-line courtesies, and follow the guidelines for responsible use. Once a student has demonstrated effective “on-line” skills and responsible attitudes, he/she will be permitted to sign on to the Internet and have limited Internet access provided you have given your consent on a form which will be sent home.  Misuse of any computer may result in loss of computer privileges and suspension from school. 

During the school year, students will not be permitted to take disks home from school due to “virus” threats.  Disks from home may not be used on school computers.  Students may take their individual discs home at the end of the year.