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School Loop is available to find out what homework was assigned during your student’s absence.  You will need to register if you have not already done so. You need your student’s five-digit permanent ID number, available on the ID card, and the birth date. Your student should also have “Homework Buddies” in each of their classes that they may call to find out what was missed in class that day.

Please be advised that it is school policy that work does not have to be provided prior to unexcused absences.  Families should access School Loop while away to see what work is being missed.


Attendance Resources


General Attendance Information

If  you are calling in an absence, please call our 24-hour Attendance Hotline at 760-331-6470. For any other questions about attendance, please call Marilyn Bergsma at 760-331-6464 or


When your student has a doctor appointment or personal appointment that makes it necessary for him to leave school, please send a note to Marilyn Bergsma in the Attendance Office in the morning so we can issue an off-campus pass.

  • This enables the school to account for the student’s whereabouts.
  • When a student has obtained a pass, the Attendance Office will clear the periods he is gone.
  • Your student may be waiting outside for you to pick up, saving you time.
  • The school will receive full ADA funding for your student’s partial day attendance.

Include in the note what time your student needs to leave and the reason he is leaving (doctor or dentist appointments, personal reasons, etc.)


Call the attendance hotline to report your student’s illness (760-331-6470.) If a student must leave from school due to illness, he can leave directly through the Health Office. The Health Tech will contact you for permission for them to be picked up and will give the student a pass.

Late to School

Excessive tardies to school will result in disciplinary action.

If your student is late to school, they must report to Mrs. Bergsma in Attendance to obtain a pass to class. Be sure to send a note or call before they arrive to clear the tardy. The third unexcused tardy, 30 minutes or more, is considered truancy and will be handled according to state truancy laws.


  • If arriving late, stop by Attendance to pick up a pass to class.
  • If leaving campus, get an off-campus pass.
  • In the case of illness, call the attendance 24-hour hotline, 760-331-6470.