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Consequences for Behavior

Positive Consequences for Academic and Citizenship Achievement

Academic Honor Roll:  for students achieving a 3.5 grade point average (GPA) or better, with no N’s or U’s on their progress report;

Citizenship Honor Roll:  for students achieving a 2.0 GPA or higher and all O’s on their progress report. The Honor Roll grading period is determined twice a year; students will be notified in advance which grading periods will be selected.

Attendance Award: for students who have fewer than 2 period absences, and 1 or fewer tardies during a 12 week grading period.

Students who are caught doing a good deed or behaving in an exceptional way will be awarded a “ROCKIN Reward.”  These may be redeemed in the office for various rewards such as:  a pass to the front of the brunch/lunch line, school supplies, small gift cards to a local restaurants.

Negative Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior

Negative consequences result when choices made by students violate the school rules. The goal of consequences is behavior modification. The consequences listed herein are not necessarily in any specific order of precedence. Consequences include the following:

a. Teacher/Student conference

b. ROCKIN Reflection
c. Lunch Detention
d. Detention
e. Referral – Consequence at Administrator’s discretion
f. Exclusion from school/extracurricular activities (loss of privileges)
g.  Behavior Contract
h. Saturday School
h. Suspension
i.  Alternative School Placement
j.  Expulsion