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Dress Code

The staff believes that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment. Students are expected to attend school in clean, neat clothing. Students have the right to make individual choices from a range of clothing and grooming styles. However, such choices must not present a health or safety hazard or a distraction that would interfere with the educational process. Gang clothing is not permitted. Students in violation of the dress code policy are subject to disciplinary action.

  1. Appropriate footwear shall be worn at all times. In order to ensure safety, all footwear must have a strap around the heel. Teachers may use their discretion to assign specific footwear for certain school functions/activities.
  2. Undergarments shall not show or be worn as outer garments.
  3. Beachwear is not appropriate for school wear. This includes tank tops, halter tops, short shorts and skirts, revealing necklines, etc… Skirts/shorts/dresses must be below the fingertips when arms are relaxed at the side. 
  4. Revealing clothing styles are not appropriate. Midriffs are to be completely covered. Clothing should be of proper fit and repair.
  5. Hats may not be worn backwards or in the classrooms. Hats used or worn inappropriately may be confiscated and returned to parents on the last day of school in June. Beanies (even with a brim) are not allowed.
  6. Alcohol and tobacco advertisements. Clothing advertising alcohol, tobacco, and/or controlled substances and other inappropriate slogans or pictures are not permitted may not be worn.
  7. Bandanas and clothes affiliated with any gang are not permitted. Chains, chain-wallets and spiked accessories are also not permitted.
  8. If a sweatshirt or jacket has a hood, the hood may not be worn.
  9. Cosmetics may be worn, but not brought to school.
  10. Any jewelry or adornment that causes distraction is not permitted.
  11. “Sagging” is not allowed. Undergarments may not show.
  12. Pajamas may not be worn. Except on spirit days designated as "pajama day."