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Registration Meeting Notes and Information

Links will be made live after the info meeting on 9/18:

Click here for the information from the kickoff meeting,  Remember, if you want to register, you need to do so ONLINE by Friday, 9-21-2018 at 6 pm!



Event Summary
2018 Event Pictorial Presentation

Event Schedule for Training Sessions

Important Dates



Science Olympiad TV

Science Olympiad

Dear Science Olympians and Parents!  

January is flying by and we are rapidly approaching our San Diego Science Olympiad Regional Division B competition date of February 9th, 2019!  I hope all Olympians are making the most of their training sessions as we enter the home stretch! 

I wanted to send a quick reminder about our pre-olympiad launch meeting on Wednesday, January 30th at 6 pm in room 203.  We will discuss important details about competition day at this meeting, and we hope to see you there.  I will post notes for the meeting for those who cannot attend, but there is no substitute for attending this meeting, especially if this is your first year in Science- O.  If you have a training session during that time, please attend your training and send a representative or see the notes that are sent out after the meeting.  

Lastly, volunteers are especially important on competition day.  Each team is required to provide one volunteer per team enrolled to help make the event possible.  Volunteer information can be found in the email below.  We are looking for 4 volunteers to help as required on competition day.  If you can help in this capacity, please let me know and I will coordinate your sign up, and thank you for your consideration.  

There are other ways to help the team on competition day as well, please see this list of volunteer needs and fill in what you can provide for our Olympians.  You have editing rights to this one, so go ahead and enter your contribution directly into the sheet, or feel free to contact me and I can fill it in for you.   

Thank you all for your involvement in this amazing program.  Give all your remaining trainings your best, thank a coach, and we look forward to seeing you on the 30th at 6 pm in room 203 to discuss the details of competition day!

Go Science!\Aaron Sottile and Lauran Gerhart

What is the Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad is a team sport for STEM enthusiasts, requiring preparation, commitment, coaching and practice throughout the year. Students work in teams to cross-train for a variety of events to compete with other students at the San Diego Regional Science Olympiad Competition!

Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on, group participation. Depending on the event signed up for, students can build a device, take a written test, answer questions verbally, or sometimes a combination of both.   The great thing about it is that you can learn any of the subjects you are most interested in during the training.   Science Olympiad is a great extra-curricular activity.  We hope that you’ll join this year’s team.  Check out the 2019 information flier or the event descriptions to get more information about this exciting extra curricular activity! 

Also, check out the websites below for more information. 

National Science Olympiad Web PageCEFScienceViasat

San Diego Regional Science Olympiad Web Page

Science Olympiad Event Wiki


Science Olympiad is provided by a partnership between the Carlsbad Educational Foundation (CEF), and local science & engineering partner, Viasat. Please visit for more information.

Weekly Meetings

Science Olympiad will have weekly meetings at lunch on Tuesdays in Room #203.  

Sign Up For Science Olympiad 2018-2019

When you are ready to sign up for Science Olympiad and make it a great year, click on the following links and fill out your event preferences and availability for this season!  Remember, we want our Olympians to train in at least 1 build and 1 test event.  Please refer to the specific event schedules when choosing your events to prevent conflicts.  Registration links will be live after the information meeting on 9/18.  Registration closes 9-26-2018 at 6 pm.

Registration Links Available Here 

Questions: Check out our info night presentation!

Important Dates for the 2018-2019 Science Olympiad Season

Important Dates Flier

9/18: Science O Kickoff Meeting

9/26: Deadline to Register,

  6 pm Online Registration Closes

10/1-10/5: Science Olympiad Training Begins!

Dates and Times vary based on events assigned.

Training for most events will be at ViaSat in Carlsbad.

10/31: Halloween.  No Training.

11/12: Veterans Day Holiday, No Training.

11/19 – 11/23: Thanksgiving Recess.  No Training Sessions

12/22 – 1/6: Winter Recess, No Mandatory Training Sessions

(Coaches sometimes schedule optional sessions here to get ready for regionals.  Check with your coach during holiday seasons for optional training sessions!)

1/21- Martin Luther King Holiday- No Training

1/25- Semester Break Day- No School.  Trainings May Continue.

1/30- Pre-Olympiad Kickoff Meeting, 6 pm, CHMS Room 203

2/9- SCIENCE OLYMPIAD Regional Competition. DIVISION B.
Carlsbad High School, 7 am – 6 pm

2/12: End of season celebration room 203 3-4 pm.  Wear your shirt for a team photo!


Uncle Sam

Top 10 Reasons YOU Should Join the Team

10 Great addition to your academic resume.

9 Improve your study skills.

8 Learn more about subjects that interest you.

7 A sense of accomplishment.

6 Build cool gadgets.

5 It’s like getting a second elective course.

4 Show California what CHMS coyotes are made of.

3 Promotes teamwork and collaboration.

2 Make new friends.

1 It’s challenging and fun!!!