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Welcome 2021-22 Information Night
Welcome 2020-21 Info Night

Science Olympiad TV

Science Olympiad


what is the science olympiad?

Science Olympiad is a team ‘sport’ for STEM enthusiasts that will challenge you to explore, collaborate, inquire and learn! Students work in teams to cross-train for a variety of events to compete with other students at the San Diego Regional Science Olympiad Competition!

Why should I join?

You will learn more about science, be mentored by professional scientists, compete against other schools, make friends and have fun! 

Learn more about Science Olympiad from these sites! 

Please contact your CHMS Science Olympiad advisors: Mrs. Lauran Naveh ( & Mrs. Haley Alderete ( with questions. 


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Top 10 Reasons YOU Should Join the Team

10 Great addition to your academic resume.

9 Improve your study skills.

8 Learn more about subjects that interest you.

7 A sense of accomplishment.

6 Build cool gadgets.

5 It’s like getting a second elective course.

4 Show California what CHMS coyotes are made of.

3 Promotes teamwork and collaboration.

2 Make new friends.

1 It’s challenging and fun!!!