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Outdoor Education Program

Information about Sixth Grade Camp program at YMCA available here.

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Sixth Grade Camp/Outdoor Education

sixth grade camp March 16-20, 2020

If your student is attending 6th grade camp, please read the following.  If they are NOT going, please make sure they attend school next week.  They will receive revised class schedules this Friday during their Advisory class. 


We leave for camp this Monday, March 16th. Students must be at school at 7am, with a parent or guardian who must stay with them through the check-in procedures. 

Camp Marston will be checking temperatures once students and staff get off the bus. If a student has a temperature of 100* or higher, with camp's health procedures they will be taken to the Health Office and parents will be called to come pick them up.  Thus, campers will also have their temperature checked at CHM, prior to check-in.  By following camp's protocol, we hope to avoid students riding the bus to camp and then subsequently having to go home.

WEB Leaders will help guide families to the appropriate stations. Families will also have a chance to take a Camp Photo before students are instructed to sit in their assigned Bus Section. 


On Friday, March 20th, you will receive a phone call and/or email from the school, letting you know when the students have left Camp Marston and their approximate arrival time back to school.  Students will need to be checked-out from the CHMS Gym upon arrival (only individuals on the students Emergency Contact List may do this.)  If you are not able to pick up your child at that time, they may stay at school until the end of the day (Your child will be instructed what class to go to at that time).


If you child purchased a shirt, they will receive it this Friday during their Advisory class. 


This should be given to the staff member at your check-in table. Camp Marston suggests no more than $40, cash only.  Receipts and change will  ONLY be available for pickup on the day we return from camp. Any amount left behind will be donated to next year's 6th Grade Camp scholarship fund.


ALL medication, including vitamins, inhalers, epi-pens, etc. MUST be dropped off at the MED table the morning of departure. It may not be packed in your student's luggage. Please make sure these items are in their original bottles/containers and specific instructions are listed for the camp nurse. 


Campers are allowed to bring one suitcase or duffel bag and one sleeping bag w/pillow which can be placed in a large trash bag. 2 luggage tags will be sent home this Friday.  Please make sure to use these tags only, filled out with your child's full name and school. Students may bring a small backpack on the bus with minimal items due to limited space. Example: 1 bottle of water, (NO SNACKS, CANDY OR GUM OF ANY KIND), reading book, cards, etc. 


*NO ELECTRONICS/DIGITAL DEVICES (Cell phone, Apple(or equivalent) watch, iPod, MP3 player, video games, radio, etc.)

*NO FOOD OF ANY KIND on the bus or for camp (Candy, mints, gum, snacks, etc.) *Knives/razors or anything that might be considered a weapon, scented hair spray/gel/mouse, fragrant lotion, perfume, make-up, or any item of great personal or monetary value.

NOTE: Disposable cameras can be brought to camp but cannot be used in the cabins.  They will be locked up at night by your child’s counselor, and re-issued the next morning for the day’s activities. 


In an emergency only, the Camp Marston phone number is 760-765-0642.  We must keep the camp phone lines open, so students are generally not permitted to call home.  Cell phones are not permitted at camp    


Can be mailed to camp to:

Camp Marston, P.O Box 2440, Julian, CA 92036.  

Be sure your child’s name and school is listed on the envelope.  It’s a good idea to send these letters the week before camp so your child will receive them while they are there. Alternately, you may fax a letter during the week to 760-765-0183. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Holly Grupe @ 760-331-6462.

Camp Letter and Packing List English                  Camp Letter and Packing List Spanish 

details for camp

If you are sending your child to Camp Marston, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THROUGH THE ATTACHED LETTER for important details regarding departure, packing list, medications, etc.  A hard copy was sent home with your child on February 21, 2020.     Camp Letter and Packing List: English         Camp Letter and Packing List: Spanish


Please remember:

  • Departure Day - Please DO NOT drop off your child without checking them in first.  If you have a scheduling conflict, please contact Holly Grupe.
  • Pack for cold and/or wet weather.
  • No Electronic/Digital devices allowed at camp - cell phone, Apple watch (or equivalent) iPod, MP3 player, video games, radio etc.
  • No food of any kind is allowed on the bus or at camp - Candy, mints, gum, snacks, etc.

Camp is a wonderful experience for our students!  If you or your child have any question about going, please contact Holly Grupe at  I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend 6th grade camp!

friendly reminder of what cannot be brought to camp

NO ELECTRONIC/DIGITAL DEVICES - (Cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, video games, radio, etc.), food, candy, mints, gum, knives/razors or anything that might be considered a weapon, scented hair spray/gel/mouse, fragrant lotion/perfume, make-up or any item of great personal or monetary value. 

NOTE: Cameras can be brought to camp but cannot be used in the cabins. They will be locked up at night by your child's counselor and re-issued the next morning for the day's activities. We also recommend that the campers bring disposable cameras.

DAY 1 - Camp marston 3/18/19

Sixth Grade Camp Payment Options for 2020


Payments can be made by cash, check (CHMS ASB) or credit card.  Card payments can be made on our website through the QuickLinks tab, under WebShop or in the front office between 8-11am.  Other payments can be brought to the Counseling office.  If you have questions regarding camp tuition, please feel free to contact Holly Grupe at or 760-331-6462.

We have added two payment options to the webstore for Sixth Grade Camp: a full payment of $340.00 or two payments of $170.00 .  Click here to access the WEBSTORE and make your payment.  If you have any questions or would like to set up a payment arrangement, please contact Holly Grupe at 760-331-6462.