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Student Resources for Quarantine

If your child is out of school due to COVID illness or quarantine, please use the link below to access resources available for students while they are learning from home. 

WHAT Check-in and support for students who have been quarantined                                                 
WHEN Every morning starting at 8:38am (1st period) 
WHO Mrs. Uy (Math, ELD, and Math180 teacher)
WHERE Google Meet

Students are expected to check in every morning during quarantine by clicking the link above. Then, they will have the opportunity to get extra support/tutoring, if needed. Otherwise, they can log out and work independently from home.

Other Support for Quarantined students:


During quarantine, students are still expected to keep up with their classwork and homework by checking Google Classroom for each class.

Having this allotted time will give students the opportunity to get any clarification, support, or tutoring if needed. Our hope is to provide students with an effective means of staying on track while off-campus and a smooth transition back into the classroom once they are cleared to return. 


Please feel free to contact Mrs. Uy at if you have any questions or concerns.